Google’s next big update is on the way – called “Project Magi”. We won’t bore you with the details, but we believe there’s a couple of simple things we can be doing now that will put your business in a great position when changes take effect and won’t leave you playing catch up with everyone else. Google are developing how they use their Business Listing (you might know this as your My Business, or Maps listing – it’s the same thing) and how Google obviously want us as users to use this tool. Your listing potentially has even greater importance with the coming changes, so there’s a few things we’ll like to start with as soon as possible.

There is now a ‘Posts/Updates’ feature which is almost identical to how you might update your business Facebook page – it needs to be used just the same. The days of your Google listing being something you set and forget are long gone. Think of a small update about a job you’ve done, a course you’ve been on relative to your business, a new certification or award you’ve won. Anything like that is perfect. Think about a few lines of text and a handful of images. If you’re already doing this on other social platforms – great – you only need to tell us you’ve posted something, point us in the direction of the post and we will optimise and post that content to your Google Business Listing as part of our SEO service. Alternatively, please feel free to send over images and some rough wording/description to us on WhatsApp, and we’ll do the rest from there. We would suggest a minimum of 1 post per month, for now.

Lastly – reviews. Obviously make an effort to collect good ones where possible, people rarely leave good ones without being prompted, but love leaving bad ones. if you do get a bad one (it’s not the end of the world) – but it is very important that you respond to it.

Need anything else? Get in touch with is here on WhatsApp.

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