Crazy Golf Team Meeting @Paradise Island

Brandwin Digital Crazy Golf at Paradise Island, Trafford Centre

Where’s the fun in marketing any more? With an increased emphasis on KPI’s, data cleansing, ROI, CPL, CPA, CTR, CRO…you can be forgiven for occasionally losing sight of the creative and fun side of why you went into marketing in the first place. Day to day, marketing is serious, after all as an agency this is other people’s hard earned budgets you are playing with and it is not for the faint hearted. So to lighten the mood this November for our team meeting day we took to the Tiki course at Paradise Island Crazy Golf in the Trafford Centre.

Competition was tough with a calculating Tom Green living up to his name and surveying the sight lines of the green meticulously and a former golf youth champion in our midst. The round got of to a good start but it all got tense on the last few holes and ended in a tie for Tom and Scott. Probably the best put of the game came right at the very end on the 19th hole when a free game was won by non other than myself! Amazing, we get to go back in December and have a rematch!

Take care all and you know where we are if you need any digital marketing advice!

Gemma 🙂

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