Circle the Curiosity: Why Google’s New Search Feature Makes High-Quality Images Vital for Websites – In this blog post we take a look at the changes you can make to your website to optimise for Google Circle

Gone are the days of tedious copy-pasting or screenshotting to fuel your online research. Google’s latest innovation, Circle to Search, puts the power of information at your fingertips in a way that’s as intuitive as it is impressive. This new feature allows you to search anything you see on your phone’s screen with a simple circle, highlight, scribble, or tap. Imagine browsing an article about a stunning travel destination and instantly finding bookable tours by circling a captivating photo. Or, while watching a cooking video, simply tapping on an exotic ingredient to discover its origins and health benefits.

But for this magic to work, websites need to be ready to shine in the spotlight. With Circle to Search, high-quality images and decent photos are no longer just aesthetic add-ons; they’re gateways to deeper engagement and valuable conversions. Here’s why:

1. Visual storytelling captivates: Let’s face it, text-heavy websites can feel intimidating. High-quality images break up the monotony, grab attention, and tell a story in a way that words alone can’t. Circle to Search empowers users to explore these visuals interactively, turning passive viewers into active investigators. A captivating product image becomes an invitation to learn more, while a mouthwatering food photo becomes a springboard to discover the recipe.

2. Details become doorways: Gone are the days of blurry stock photos. Circle to Search demands sharp, detailed images that reveal the intricacies of your offerings. A potential customer circling a pair of shoes on your website can now zoom in on the stitching, material, and even subtle design elements. This level of visual exploration builds trust and confidence, ultimately leading to a higher chance of purchase.

3. SEO gets a visual boost: Search engines are increasingly prioritizing websites with relevant and engaging visuals. High-quality images embedded with proper alt text and captions not only enhance user experience but also signal relevance to search engine crawlers. This can give your website a significant SEO edge, making it discoverable through Circle to Search and other image-based search queries.

4. Accessibility matters: Circle to Search isn’t just about convenience; it’s about making information accessible to everyone. For users with visual impairments, descriptive image alt text becomes even more crucial. High-quality, well-lit photos can also provide essential visual context, ensuring everyone can participate in the interactive search experience.

Investing in professional photography and strategic image optimisation is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity in the age of Circle to Search. By embracing this visual revolution, you can transform your website from a static brochure into a dynamic portal of discovery, where every image becomes a gateway to deeper engagement and increased conversions. So, grab your camera, dust off your design skills, and get ready to captivate, inform, and convert with the power of the perfect picture.

Remember, in the age of Circle to Search, a picture truly is worth a thousand clicks.

A person in a blue dress is on location completing a photography project for Google Circle Search

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