Frequently Asked Questions

No, unlike any of our competitors we allow you to cancel or reduce your digital marketing services with 30 days notice (after the first 3 months for Google Ads). We understand the need for small businesses to be able to react quickly to changes in cashflow so we don’t tie you in. Having said that, over 80% of our marketing customers have been on board for over 2 years so it must be working well!

We aim to complete 5 page website builds within 2 weeks. More pages or e-commerce sites may take a little longer and of course it depends on whether you are able to get back to us to ok the design as it progresses and to provide any content or images you would like us to use if you are not using our content writing and photography services.

We will keep you up to date throughout the process and can set out a full project plan for larger projects so you can keep track of what is happening.

Website builds vary in price depending on the size, the design and the functionality required. For a simple 5 page website, our prices start from £249 plus vat.

Most likely, yes! We cannot emphasise enough the importance of high quality images on your website. Customers like to see you and what your business is doing and search engines like to see original image content that is high quality and quick to load. More and more search features are being released to allow people to search by image too so you don’t want to miss out. We offer affordable photography and videography to elevate your sites media content to the level expected.

If you are looking to get more leads online, we can advise you on the best methods depending on your business and your budget. If you have a website but it isn’t generating the volume of leads you would like, we can look at search engine optimisation to gain more traffic to the site or conversion rate optimisation to make more of the existing traffic convert. These are brilliant long-term options and prices start from £199 per month plus vat.

If you have a shorter term vision to get leads for something specific, or you are happy to spend a bit more then Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising could be the way to go. We offer Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads set up and management. You pay Google or Meta directly and pay us a set up and management fee. That way you have control over the budget and spend and full visibility of the campaigns.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation uses technical, onsite, and offsite best practices to improve the Performance, Expertise, Authority and Trust of your website which in turn improves your rankings on search engine results pages. There is no cookie cutter solution so every SEO project is tailored to your business and the competition. It can take several months to see results but we provide you with a monthly report of all work completed and a tracker showing the progression towards page 1 of your key phrases. We cannot guarantee a time frame but we always aim for substantial progress within 12 months.

The cost varies depending on the level of competition for what you are advertising. When we set up your campaign, Facebook will provide guidance on the likely results depending on your budget. Many businesses begin with a budget of £5 to £10 per day and leave this running for 14 days to test the waters. Our fees are £150 to set up the campaign and Ads Manager space and then an ongoing management fee to be agreed.

In comparison to SEO and Facebook Ads, Google Ads can be a tad more expensive but it does depend on your industry and the level of competition. We can advise you on the likely cost if you are considering a Google Ads campaign by checking the cost per click on the key words you would like to target. But remember, Google Ads can get you onto page 1 of Google instantly so if you want to get seen fast, they are the perfect tool.

The first step is to make sure your Google My Business maps listing is verified and fully optimised.

If you have a Google My Business Maps listing and want to run Local Services Ads where you pay for the leads generated, Google Guarantee is a badge you can earn from Google by going through a verification process. Once passed, Google will guarantee your work up to a certain value so that customers can have confidence in selecting you to do business with. You can find out more at Google Support. We offer help to get you set up and verified with Google Guarantee.

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