For Talha Khan, Tijar Ltd

31st May 2023

Thank you for contacting Brandwin Digital

We have done some research on your competitors and product image requirement on Amazon and we can provide you with the following for each product:

6 professional product images broken down into the following (this quote is based on 5 different products).

  • 1 main image clearly showing the product on a white background with no more than 15% white space.
  • 4 general product images showing other angles or including specific product benefits or graphics.
  • 1 image of the product in an appropriate contextual setting  (e.g. sugar shaker on café table).

Images will be provided in high resolution, at least 2000px, 1:1 square crop .JPG format. Files will be numbered in order and named to include the product ID in the file name.

1 short video clip.

Video will be between 10-30 seconds long showing product in use. Video will be in high resolution MP$ format, at least 1080p @ 30fps.

Our professional photography and videography packages includes:

  • Location sourcing.
  • Pre production set up.
  • Post production photo & video editing (backing music for video optional).
  • Delivery of high resolution still images at least 2000px square (Amazon require at least 1600px for optimal user experience).
  • Images will comply with Amazon’s requirements, i.e. contact at least 85% product against a pure white backdrop & the MAIN image (which has unique criteria) will be clearly marked in the filename.
  • Full rights to use all images and video across your Amazon store.

You would need to provide the following

  • Any additional guidance from where the product is to be shown (Amazon etc).
  • Loan of 1 of each product.
  • The Product ID associated with that product (if available).

Sample image set (click to enlarge)

Price: £600 +VAT

Estimated time to complete: 3 working days

To discuss this estimate further, please contact Scott on 0161 509 5877 or email info@brandwin.co.uk

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