Don’t let generic stock photographs and video drag you down.

Professional product photography, Manchester
Professional product photography, Manchester

Professional photography & video

Quite honestly, Google (and everybody else) has had enough of generic stock images and unprofessional, unedited or poorly edited images.

Professionally captured images are an excellent way to improve every single element of your digital marketing strategy. If you want to get ahead of the competition, top quality, unique images are fast becoming a must for modern day websites and social media. They also play an important role by supercharging your SEO.

Video is also incredibly effective as part of your website, social media posts or advertising campaigns. Video is on the rise, exponentially. Believe us when we say: you need video!

A well placed video can capture the attention of your overwhelmed audiences in a world full of standard text and stock images.

Did you know – a message communicated by video is 8 times more likely to connect with your audience?

Get in touch and ask us how we can help you with professional photographs and video:

Stand out from the generic crowd

When we seek out a business online, whether it’s via social media or search engine marketing channels, we want what we see to be an accurate representation of the company or individual we are going to be trusting with our time and money. Images that are clearly yours, showing your people, your premises and products go a long way towards building that trust.

A more personal approach

Unique images and in particular, video, create a personal connection between you and your audience, building trust. It can put a face to your website or advert, allowing you to explain directly to your target audience why they should choose you, your service or products.

Say “cheese”

We would always recommend quality, unique images for:

  • Product  Photography
  • Business Premises Photography
  • Office Premises Photography
  • Team Photography
  • Before and After Photography
  • Work in Progress Photography
  • Happy Customer Photography and Case Study Creation

Show off

Showcase your expertise, skills, services and products in a completely personalised way that builds trust and shows you have the product or skills to satisfy your customer’s needs.

Lights. Camera. Action

We can offer you a tailored photography or videography and editing package. Premises walkthroughs? Video tours? Interviews? Talking heads? Tell us what you need and our team will be happy to help.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Check out the AirBnb case study here – Professional photography completely transformed their online bookings and they have never looked back!

Good to know

Instagram and Facebook Ads work even better with quality photography and video content.

We also have a drone! This offers a fantastic option for large premises fly overs or fly throughs or for those who work us high (hello roofers and tree surgeons!). Aerial photography can provide you with some dramatic content for your website or social media channels.

Get in touch and ask us about a bespoke photography or video package for your business:


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